Why Vegan Leather is Ideal for Travel Accessories

Seeing the world is something that you love and it’s always exciting to prep for your next trip. For a stress-free adventure, you need to pack smart and use compact luggage and organizers. 

Moreover, those who want to travel and pack cruelty-free should know that they have plenty of options, such as choosing vegan leather luggage, organizers, and cases. 

Vegan leather, also known as faux, synthetic, and imitation leather is essentially a material that mimics real leather without actually using animal skin. Faux leather can be made out of numerous synthetic materials, like different types of plastic: polyvinyl chloride (PVC), recycled PET polyester, polyurethane (PU), and Naugahyde. Vegan leather made using plastic is also called pleather, from plastic leather. Many producers use natural materials such as cork, kelp, barkcloth, glazed cotton, paper, pineapple skin, and cactus leaves to obtain vegan leather.

There are several benefits of using vegan leather for creating a wide range of travel goods. Here are some of the main advantages of using faux leather for travel accessories!

It’s very affordable for the traveler

Vegan leather is affordable and costs significantly less compared to real leather. This means that it will be more likely for travelers to afford buying imitation leather goods than genuine leather items. Therefore, by saving on travel items, you’ll be able to put your money towards the destination and spend more on flights, hotels, nice dinners at local restaurants, souvenirs, and so on. 

It’s cruelty-free

Faux leather is manufactured in factories, thus there are zero animals harmed in the process. This is the main benefit of vegan leather for most people. The fact that animals don’t go through any kind of cruel treatment during imitation leather production makes this material cruelty-free.

It’s easy to clean and maintain

Unlike real leather, vegan leather materials are low maintenance items. They’re easy to clean and maintain, which is really important when you’re on the go. All you need is some warm water, a cloth and maybe some special faux leather maintaining products. In addition, imitation leather is durable, stain-free, doesn’t fade, or become stiff – you’ll, therefore, be able to use your vegan leather travel items for a long period, without them being damaged.

Roam Often’s vegan leather jewelry case is one of the best examples when it comes to a high-quality, long-lasting product. This travel essential is compact and fits in your suitcase, purse, backpack, or hotel safe. 

It’s available in numerous colors and textures

Who says you can’t travel in style? As artificial leather is man-made, items made out of it are typically available in a sheer range of colors and textures. Plus, if one wants a uniform look, vegan leather is the way to go. As no two animals are the same, real leather can’t be uniform and there are no two products made out of it that will look identical. This problem doesn’t exist with imitation leather.

Has great flexibility

Vegan leather is extremely flexible and pliable. In fact, it has a lot more flexibility than real leather, and therefore can easily mimic genuine leather to get that luxe look without the heavy price tag.

So deciding on what travel accessories to purchase for your next travels? Look no further than vegan leather travel goods to get all the advantages of flexibility, ease, and price that we discussed in this blog. Happy travels.