Finding the Right Women’s Undershirts for Summer.

There are several different types of shirts that can double as a type of women’s undershirt for the summer. Many of these can also be worn as standalone tops, as well, but are quite effective and rather fashionable when worn under other garments. They can add a splash of color or completely change an outfit’s style simply by adding them as additional layers beneath sweaters, jackets, or blazers. They also provide modesty and help to shape and sculpt a woman’s body in an not-too-intrusive manner.

No matter what your individual style may be, there is a women’s undershirt that is suitable for every occasion. Here are just some of the specific types of undershirts that are out there and how each one works best with particular ensembles and in specific situations:


Camisoles are both lightweight and breathable, therefore they make perfect summer undergarments. Whether you wear one during the workday beneath a suit jacket with an A-line skirt, or tucked into your shorts headed to beach on the weekend, a cami, as they are often referred to, is always a win-win. They can even be worn on special occasions beneath sheer dresses for a little extra coverage.

Cap-Sleeved Tees

Cap sleeves are a summer classic, and have been for decades, and that is because they are basic, yet can be glammed up easily. However, as an undergarment, they work well beneath a jean jacket or a cardigan sweater. This makes them a versatile option to wear in the warm summer sun and also into the cooler nights. They are also much more elegant than your typical unisex tee shirt, so they are made to add a touch of femininity to an otherwise casual, laid-back look.

Tank Tops

Tank tops are modest and yet open enough to keep you cool and dry during the coming dog days of summer. That said, they make great undershirts due to the fact they lack the annoying sleeves that can become a pest and cause you to overheat at this time of year. They are also a great option for those humid days when you want to rip off your top layer during a long hike or a poolside bask in the sunshine. Just remember to lather on the sunscreen

Scoop-Necked Tees

A basic scoop-necked tee can be used under almost any short or long-sleeved blouse or tunic for full coverage. It works well to insulate against the insane air conditioning that you may find in some movie theaters and restaurants in the summer. It also can be worn over a swimsuit to cover you up and shield your delicate skin from the sun’s UV rays. It can also be thrown on quickly with trousers to do your errands around town feeling cozy and comfortable. Another idea is wearing it beneath a spaghetti-strapped dress as a throwback to that warm-weather, 1990s style!

In conclusion, when you want to pick your favorite undergarments for the upcoming summer season, you will find no shortage of women’s undershirt options. The only decision that you will really have to make will be based on what you really need the undershirt for. Since every summer undershirt candidate really serves its own purpose, you will have to narrow down your choices based on need and on style. The above four options are sure to work well as long as they are coordinated with pieces that are appropriate for the occasion, and fit you well, as well as flatter your figure. Remember these tips to get the most wear out of undershirts as both undergarments and also as fashion statements in their own right.